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What’s Trending in Britain in 2018?

Aug 14th, 2018

Where art though, my English rose?

‘I’m on the tube, applying even more makeup….’

Recently visiting Britain in June, I was excited to learn about their beauty trends. I’ll discuss the following two trends in this post:

1. Athleisure wear

2. Train etiquette (see picture below) –but not in relation to what you read. The question to ponder:

Is it ok to apply makeup whilst you are riding on ‘the tube’?




TREND 1 –  ‘Athleisure wear’

Definition: The tendency to wear sports clothing for general leisure activities is rife in Britain:

“Half the female population looks like they’ve just been to the gym and forgotten to change.”[1]


Rebel copy
Chav’ (short for ‘Council -house and violent’) – a term used to describe young ‘louts’ from lower income areas who wear fake designer wear. They usually dress in sporting wear. 

Rumour has it that songstress, Adele, was a chavette before her makeover:


Adele copy

Adele_2 copy



TREND 2 – Applying Makeup on Trains


When working as a beauty therapist in the city many years ago, I was told by my manager to wear more makeup.

I proceeded to commit two cardinal sins:

1.  I applied makeup on the train so my beauty sleep time wasn’t reduced.




2. Going for the ‘embalmed’ look, I put on way too much makeup. This was years before botox was available, so it took a lot of commitment.

As I prepared my face, a man seated next to me said:  ‘you seem to preparing for war’

He was spot on – the beauty industry makes the dark web look like a trip to Disneyland. I digress. In December 2016, a British woman set off a twitter storm by tweeting about a woman she saw on the tube scolded by her friend for applying makeup. Similarly, this issue came up in other countries. In October 2016, Japanese women were shown etiquette videos, telling them not to put on makeup on trains. In June 2017, signs (see above) were posted inside subway trains in New York stating ‘it’s a subway, not a restroom’.

What are your thoughts? Do you find women applying makeup on the train offensive?




In my opinion, if the Korean Pop Star, PSY (pictured) can do his horsey-dance with an invisible horse on a train – it’s open season.



‘Awful ‘Athleisurewear’ is turning us into a nation of Chav’s’– Alex Proud.




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