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Truth or Goji Juice?

Feb 05th, 2019

Have celebrities gone under the knife or are they drinking from the fountain of youth? This post focuses on Jennifer Lopez’ (or J-Lo) proclamations of being plastic surgery free. Like Pinocchio, you would think celebrity noses would have grown extremely large given their fibs about never having plastic surgery.


Leslie Neilson in 1980 film Aeroplane

But instead of growing, their noses shrink! According to ‘Botched’ plastic surgeon Dr Dubrow:

“I think female celebrities, almost every single one have had their noses done”. 

Not according to J-Lo. In 2013, she slammed facial plastic surgeon Dr. Ayham Al-Ayoubi on twitter for commenting she had ‘many signs’ of plastic surgeries.

“Sorry Sir, but I have never had plastic surgery of any kind. #fact” 

Uh-huh, sure. Given her own plastic surgeon is bound by confidentiality, no one involved in her transformation can refute her claim and not be slapped with a trillion dollar lawsuit. Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon Bradford S. Patt said “looking at before and after photos, it’s obvious she has changed dramatically.”


Untouched – Young Jen with Nose#1 as a child then teenager

 You won’t believe the real reason J-Lo’s nose has changed so often

So why does J-Lo loudly publicise her healthy lifestyle as being responsible for her looking fabulous and her nose shrinking? This includes: exercising, not drinking alcohol or caffeine, eating whole proteins and loads of greens. Why does she fail to mention three crucial ingredients to her improved appearance (an anaesthetist, a scalpel and a skilled plastic surgeon)? For the first time, we reveal J-Lo is trying to cover her embarrassment over Anaconda-nosegate.


To explain, J-Lo’s already modified nose#2 (below left) was partially bitten off by an angry Anaconda when she was starring in the film Anaconda in 1997.


This nose was remodelled in 1998 (above middle) then again in 2012 (above right). J-Lo’s publicist was careful to remove all evidence of Conda-Nosegatefrom the internet. Fortunately, I found photographic proof that wild slippery things attack noses:


In contrast to her body tweaks, J-Lo prefers to completely upgrade her relationships. A source close to J-Lo exclusively revealed why J-Lo ditched her third husband in 2016 – double Latin Grammy award winner Marc Anthony (pictured below left). His thin frame made her beautiful butt look too large. This is why A-Rod is a much better match (below right) until he gets caught cheating again.


As the photo’s above show, J-Lo had to cover her behind in a loose dress when married to skinny 5ft 6, 64kg Marc Anthony. She upgraded to 6ft 3, 100kg A-Rod. Tiny in comparison, she let it all hang-out – front page news #fact

What are your thoughts? Is J-Lo’s beauty secret clean living or dirty lies?


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