The wonderful Emma at Ritual & Remedy is highly qualified, caring, professional, courteous and best of all she is blessed with a wicked sense of humour. I look forward to each and every visit.

Marian James, South Melbourne



‘the Rolls Royce of facials and massages’

Rosetta Caponio, Hampton




Emma always makes me laugh. I leave Ritual & Remedy feeling totally relaxed and refreshed. It’s great to get all my waxing, massage and facial services done at once. As I professional masseur, I love Emma’s care and dedication to her work.’ 

Cheryl Broadbent, Queensland



“After each treatment with Emma, I have felt rejuvenated both physically and mentally. My skin feels and looks fabulous. I also feel cared for and validated by Emma’s healing touch and supportive words. Since becoming a mum, I’ve especially looked forward to my times with Emma where I can feel like myself again.

Sarah Jayaweera, Caulfield



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‘Emma’s knowledge of where you are at is amazing. She is very attuned to knowing exactly what you need and every visit may be a little different. Sometimes a wonderful body massage, another time a very relaxing facial with a few little samples to take home. The products Emma recommends are always spot on – my skin looks and feels so much better.’ 

Gayle Smith



‘Emma is the best masseur in town……she is very attentive and carefully selects treatments suitable for your skin. I always walk out of her treatments feeling deeply relaxed and invigorated. She goes the extra mile and is a very caring.’

Kate McGregor, Coburg



I have been attending Emma’s business for over 12 years, referring many friends and family to her. Emma’s professional manner and massage skills have kept my stress levels down and I highly recommend you give Ritual & Remedy a try.’

Phil Newgreen, Murumbeena