Specialised techniques

Foot Reflexology Anyone?



You may enjoy foot reflexology because the techniques are different to a simple foot massage or rub. I use the technique on most of my clients because they find it really relaxing.

I love the feet – everyones are all so different.


3173f89f8f87206c6659965945c7d929Can Foot Reflexology Affect the Various Organs of the Body?

One of reflexology’s claims is that the whole body is represented on the foot. By massaging a particular area of the foot, uric acid and other deposits can be broken down – having the effect of rebalancing the body.


According to the Reflexology Association of Australia:

“Reflexology can address your particular needs.

Painful, congested or overactive states within the body can be balanced and normalised.

Thousands of documented case studies* from around the world have demonstrated the benefits for:

Migraine, Sinus, Colic, Menopause, Constipation/Diarrhoea, BackPain, NeckPain, Sciatica, Shoulder Pain, Asthma, Stroke”


*”Thousands of Documented Case Studies”

Are Case Studies Sufficient Evidence of Efficacy?

No. Unless there is a double-blind process applied to evaluating reflexology treatments, a positive result could be due to placebo.

There’s nothing wrong with the “placebo effect” as if you feel better – all is good! But claiming this is because of reflexology? This is not a cause-effect kind of relationship.




Even though there isnt any evidence definitely ‘proving’ reflexology affects the rest of the body, I’ve had great results with clients using foot reflexology. Clients had had various ailments improve – particularly constipation and stress related problems. Give Reflexology a try next time you come in for a massage.

Add a foot peel treatment to really spruce up those tootsies!