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Aromatherapy custom blends for a more beautiful you.


‘Take the ultimate relaxation experience home….’


Beauty is much more than physical appearance….. Beauty is health and vitality.

Ritual & Remedy acknowledges the close emotional connection between health and beauty. The skin often reflects our emotional, spiritual and physical state of being.


Health and Beauty are Synonymous

With this in mind, we use skin specific aromatherapy oils that are anti-inflammatory, hydrating and which support barrier repair. Aromatherapy has such a widespread effect that can calm the mind, bringing the body into a better state of balance.


Take home a personalised aromatherapy blend to enhance your beauty and sense of well-being:

  • 100% Pure Jojoba Oilcold pressed ’liquid gold’ for beauty without the high price tag!

My favourite oil that has so many uses: use as an oil face cleanser, face/body moisturiser, on hair, in the bath, on cuticles…..


What else? Only the essentials!


  • Clear Broad UV Defence - deliciously light, silky clear cream with SPF 50+ UVA and UVB skin protection.


Night time

  • Super Rich Repair Cream - Feeds and replenishes dry, devitalised skin.
  • Nutriceutical Night RepairGlowing, healthy skin is only moments away with this super-charged anti-oxidant and vitamin A,B, C & E rich cream. As recommended by skin care & beauty advocate Dr. Brandith Irwin
  • Niacinamide SerumAs recommended by Paula Begoun. Wonder ingredient providing ultimate hydration & brightening for all skin types.


The Actives

AHA/BHA Exfoliants are an absolute must! (recommended by Dr Oz)

  • Daily Renewal Cream with AHA/BHAuse daily to gently reveal a beautiful, glowing skin
  • AHA Renewal Lotion (Forte)Higher strength lactic & glycolic lotion to smooth sun-damaged, blemished skins, or for a weekly treatment for skins needing a boost.
  • Pore Clearing Serum (with 2% BHA) – exfoliates those poor clogged pores whilst calming the skin 




gift_certRitual & Remedy Gift Cards

Give that special person a memorable experience at ritual & remedy.

When you give a gift card, rest assured your loved one, friend or co-worker is in good hands. A warm welcome, a luxurious environment and a beautiful aromatherapy treatment will soothe and calm their mind and body