For your convenience, please print and download the consultation form. Bring this with you on your first appointment so we can customise the treatment to your needs.
Each facial includes a complimentary finishing makeup touch-up. We apply sunscreen and light enhancement for eyes and lips.

Age Intervention Facial


Lost your glow?

Sometimes we feel our skin doesn’t look it’s best.


It’s time for an intervention!


This facial is a great step towards looking and feeling younger. This wonderful process begins with a deep cleanse and exfoliation to reveal fresher, healthier skin. Next, beautifully relaxing massage techniques restore mind and body. You’ll emerge with brighter, firmer more radiant skin. Customised to each client.


Like I’ve had a lovely warm hug. I leave with my face sparkling and feeling more comfortable in my body.’  

Long term client, Sarah Jayaweera

(75 minutes, $150)

Self Renewal Peel



Want results you can see and feel, yet need to relax?




Start with a professional strength glycolic peel to reveal brighter, more radiant skin. Then relax as specialized massage techniques relieve tension in your face, shoulders and scalp leaving you feeling light and invigorated.


‘Whenever I get this peel, I get so many comments on how great my skin looks’

Long-term client, Cheryl Broadbent

(60 minutes, $120)

Pore Extraction Facial


Concerned with blackheads and blocked pores?


Unclog your pores  - set them free!


Feel fresh and clean as your skin is cleansed and softened in preparation for our gentle touch extraction method. A customised exfoliation is selected to refine and brighten your skin, revealing a beautiful new you.


(60 minutes, $120)

Facial Enhancements

Add the following to your facial or massage service:


Feature Framing

Brow Shape

Brow Shape & tint

Lash Tint



Tidy ups such as small patches, eyebrow tidy, lip or chin are $15 per item.

Other waxing (body)  - charged per 15 minute block

15 minutes, $30

30 minutes, $60

45 minutes, $90

60 minutes, $120

R&R Great Escape


Can’t leave town, but you’re in need of a serious rejuvenation?


Feel and look better, fast!


A multi-step exfoliation process refines your skin, leaving it feel incredibly soft and hydrated. A deep penetrating mask is applied whilst specialised healing massage techniques bring calm and balance to your mind and body.


(90 minutes, $180)

Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience

Not quite sure which treatment to choose?


This personalised face and body treatment will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and recharged as it releases tension held in every part of your body. Experience the calming, balancing qualities of your personally blended signature essential oil blend. Let natural plant and flower oils immediately relax and enhance your experience.


I find it truly allows me to forget everything in the outside world for 90 minutes, something we all need once in a while.’


(90 minutes, $180)


Your warmed treatment bed awaits you. Totally relax as you enhale your chosen oil blend, perfectly adapted to your emotional and physical needs.

For your convenience, please print and fill in 1st consultation form and bring it with you.

Download 1st consultation form



R&R Relaxing Massage.


‘I just want to relax’


We hear you! With 20 years of massage experience, our aim is to ensure your massage is deeply relaxing, nurturing with immediate results. Incorporating numerous specialty techniques and beautiful smelling therapeutic essential oils, you’ll emerge totally refreshed and revived.


‘I come in weary with heavy shoulders…and leave feeling light and energised’

Long term client, Gayle Smith

(60/90/120 minutes, $120/$180/$240)




R&R Invigorating Massage


Feeling ‘wired but tired’?


A racing mind that never seems to stop?

Come and experience this rejuvenating massage incorporating therapeutic essential oils to help balance your body and soul. Extensive and varied massage techniques bring peace and calm to tired bodies.


‘I love the reflexology you do on my feet’

Raj Cabraal, Doncaster

(60/90/120 minutes, $120/$180/$240)




Targeted Stress Relief Massage


Short on time but want fast results?


Rapidly transforms tired, fatigued minds and bodies. Feel looser, revived and more relaxed with this focused treatment. Various highly effective massage techniques relieve stress that accumulates in your neck, shoulders, back and feet.

(45 minutes, $99)


Ultimate Motherhood Massage



Oh my aching back, hips and legs!


Relieve the pressure with tender, loving care. A beautifully relaxing treatment supports and nurtures your pregnancy and beyond. Extensive experience ensures your safety, comfort and complete relaxation using bolsters, pillows and safe usage of essential oils.

(60 minutes,$120)