The Transforming Effect of Aromatherapy

Why Aromatherapy Enhances Your Treatment


“I view aromatherapy as a system of helping the body heal itself.”  Martin Watt


According to expert Martin Watt (see below), aromatherapy has a psycho-therapeutic effect on the brain and sense of smell. As soon as you smell the beautiful fragrance of essential oils, emotional tensions can be released and the body brought into balance. Additionally, aromatherapy is fantastic for skin problems due to the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of essential oils.


“It works like olfactory valium.”


I was extremely fortunate to study Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy under the wise and experienced teaching of Martin Watt before he retired in 2015.



Martin doesn’t mince his words. If you want to know the real truth about everything about essential oils, visit his website I guarantee you will be surprised by what you read.


I think of Martin as an aromatherapy ‘con-artist’ buster. He believes the influence of beauty therapy on aromatherapy has created ‘an invasive, seemingly unstoppable cancer’ where ‘lies are called “good marketing”. He continues – ‘sorry, but in my philosophy of life, lies are lies.’ Can you see why I love this guy?

Martin emphasises the importance of safety when using essential oils. He was the first in the industry to investigate and publish the importance of avoiding skin reactions to essential oils.

Thank you for your teaching, widely researched resources and continuing correspondence, Martin – you are a legend!