9 reasons why you should choose us:

‘Our amazing stress-fixing rejuvenation treatments make you a better parent, partner and person to be around.’


1. 100% Guaranteed

  • We guarantee if this is not one of THE best (or the best) services you have had, there will be no charge.


2. We are your local specialists in massage, anti-aging/acne skincare, with over 20 years of remedial massage and beauty therapy experience.

  • Includes sports, deep tissue, reflexology & relaxation
  • Like hot stones?
  • Like a firm back massage but still want to be able to walk the next day?
  • Sinus congestion? Post surgery? Travelling too much? Specialised massage techniques available that are used to treat any type of inflammation (this technique, called MLD is used by Hawthorn Football Club).

Save time – have your massage and skin care needs addressed all at once

  • Acne or blotchy skin? Save money and I’ll create a program for you that really works – 100% guaranteed
  • Foot revival treatments to remove stubborn skin and reflexology massage to die for.
  • Honest skincare advice


3. Health rebates for remedial massage 

Member of A.N.T.A since 2000 which have strict requirements for practicing as a massage therapist.

  • Let me know and I’ll immediately give you a receipt after your treatment.


4. We are delighted to actively support the community

It is with pleasure that I volunteer one day per week at both:

  • Peter Mac Hospital as a masseur
  • Refugee Legal Centre as a volunteer lawyer

Previously, I was a legal intern for Reprieve, where I worked in New Orleans for 9 months on death row appeals and giving administrative support.


5. No waiting time, flexible hours available to suit your schedule, park right outside

  •  Parking permit available


6. Our stress-fixing aromatherapy rejuvenation therapies give maximum therapeutic effects

  • Aromatherapy has the ability to immediately improve mood through its direct effect on the emotional part of the brain.
  • Certified in Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy taught by Martin Watt.


7. Custom built, sound-proofed Studio surrounded by a beautiful, private courtyard

  • Conveniently located away from bustle of city
  • Warm and friendly environment
  • Private, with bathroom attached.


8. All of our Stress-fixing treatments include:

  • A unique music selection compiled by a professional musician.
  • Aromatherapy oils to enhance the relaxation experience
  • Warm towels
  • A selection of tea/filtered water/beer or champagne


9. Experience to Refer

  • If I can’t improve a condition, I will explain why and give you alternative courses of action.