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Fake Lashes –should they be outlawed?

Jun 25th, 2018
Fake lashes have become grooming essentials for many young woman, but at what cost? Are they the female equivalent of the toupe or ‘rug’ for men? Lyle-Menendez Famous Hair Piece: Lyle Menendez (left, sitting under his hair piece; Lyle without it). Lyle and his brother, Eric, were convicted in the US of the murdering their parents in 1993. Lyle was also admonished by the judge for his poor acting skills on the stand. His hair piece was later restrained before being taken [...]

Computer Skin Analysis – is it a scam?

Sep 19th, 2017

My Result: "A 90 year old sun addict on crack has better skin than you"



Here is a photo of me (above right) inside a Procter and Gamble VISIA high tech computerised skin analysis machine.   Whilst scanning your wallet, the machine measures 6 things on your [...]