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Truth or Goji Juice – Part 2

Feb 06th, 2019
What Goldie Hawn Doesn’t Tell You is Truly Shocking Goldie Hawn, born in November, 1945 turns 73 in 2019. So it’s no surprise she doesn’t look 21, nor should she be criticised for not looking 21. However, she treats everyone reading about her ‘health secrets’ as if they are idiots. Does she really expect people to believe that it’s meditation, exercise, diet and green juice that makes her look so good when photoshopped? Perhaps it’s understandable Goldie omits the two most IMPORTANT people she has on her payroll: a dermatologist and plastic surgeon. After all, Hollywood is a world of fantasy and illusion. Goldie’s Appearance Comedian Graham Norton once said "It scares me when you think Goldie Hawn [...]

Truth or Goji Juice?

Feb 05th, 2019
Have celebrities gone under the knife or are they drinking from the fountain of youth? This post focuses on Jennifer Lopez’ (or J-Lo) proclamations of being plastic surgery free. Like Pinocchio, you would think celebrity noses would have grown extremely large given their fibs about never having plastic surgery. Lesley Leslie Neilson in 1980 film Aeroplane But instead of growing, their noses shrink! According to ‘Botched’ plastic surgeon Dr Dubrow: "I think female celebrities, [...]

What’s Trending in Britain in 2018?

Aug 14th, 2018
Where art though, my English rose? ‘I’m on the tube, applying even more makeup….’ Recently visiting Britain in June, I was excited to learn about their beauty trends. I’ll discuss the following two trends in this post: 1. Athleisure wear 2. Train etiquette (see picture below) –but not in relation to what you read. The question to ponder: Is it ok to apply makeup whilst you are riding on ‘the tube’?   tube   TREND 1 –  ‘Athleisure [...]